Advice: No Heat in the Fall

Advice: No Heat in the Fall

Inspect Your FurnaceAs the temperature drops across Greater Vancouver, the number of furnace breakdown and no heat calls we get spikes as everyone fires up their furnaces for the first time. Before you call us for an emergency service, there are four things you can easily check yourself!

Check for Power!

The majority of furnaces have a dedicated light switch that is a power cut off. It is normally located within arms reach of the furnace, and is located higher up on the wall than a standard light switch. Find the switch and ensure that it is in the ON position.

Furnace Filter

A dirty filter can cause the furnace to error code out due to lack of airflow. Put in a new clean filter, turn the power switch for your furnace off for a minute, then turn it back on and turn up the thermostat and see if it fires or not.

Heat Pumps!

If you are running a heat pump and it has failed in heating mode, there is a quick temporary fix you can do to get you by until a service technician can come out. On your thermostat, there is an override mode that will switch your heat pump off and use your furnace as the primary heat source. The two most common settings are “EM Heat” or “Auxillary Heat”. Switch your heat source to either one and your furnace will fire to heat instead of your heat pump.

Thermostat Batteries

It may have been several months since you’ve looked at your thermostat – some are hard wired and do not require batteries, but there are still a lot out there that run off AA batteries. If this is the case, pop a fresh set in and turn up the thermostat and see what happens. Sometimes batteries are too weak to send the call for heat signal to the furnace, but still have enough energy to illuminate the screen making it seem like they are working when they in fact are not.

Thermostat open with batteries exposed.

If you’ve done all three of the above and your furnace still wont fire – give us a call and we would be happy to come out and help you!